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In the foreground on the right is Markus' body in a black suit jacket, viewed from the back and left side. He's playing a shiny, golden saxophone. On the left of the picture in the background we see the wedding guests sitting on benches on a lawn in the sun. Some of them are looking towards the saxophonist.
Portrait photo of Markus wearing a black suit and holding his saxophone.

Markus tends to pack everything but the kitchen sink. When it comes to his gigs he even takes the sink along with him, just in case. His sensitivity and creativity come to the fore in his music and combine with his dependability to make him the perfect person to work with for your important event. 

Over 95% of Markus' open-air gigs so far have been blessed with beautiful weather. Whilst he wouldn't go quite as far as to promise you a rain-free day, you can rest assured that whatever the weather, he'll be there with his sunny disposition, ready to adapt to the circumstances and deliver a great set.

Your Saxophonist with Guaranteed Sunshine

With a background in jazz music, improvisation is in Markus' blood. He quickly reacts to the setting and the atmosphere of the moment to a provide a seamless backdrop befitting the style and mood of your event. 

Subtle grooves for a summer garden party or beats for the Christmas work-do? Live music for your wedding ceremony? Something in-between or something else entirely? Markus can work with you in setting the ambience for your special occasion, by bringing your song requests to life or creating the perfect playlist for you. 

- live

- tenor and baritone saxophone

- in the vicinity of Mödling, Baden and Vienna

- pre-arranged songs/ free improvisation/ a mixture of both

- in church, at the registry office or outdoors

- along with your chosen playlist or his own playlist

- along with whatever your DJ plays

- as Saxo-DJ with his own sound system

Markus plays:

depend on various factors.

Quotes are calculated on an individual basis.

Relevant factors:

  • Time and date of your event

  • Length of stay / playing time

  • Location

  • Type of service

  • Sound system provided or not


Markus plays the saxophone at the front of an old church. Behind him is a stone wall and a huge painting.
Saxophonist playing outside in the sunshine.

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